Today is International Women’s Day. As I recognize the great women who have contributed to our society, let me also acknowledge some of the most important women in the Bible who helped to shape Biblical history.
These women are recognized for their invaluable strength and character. They exercised their strong faith during the most challenging circumstances. They are deemed women of worth because of their fearless, courageous character.

Eve was the first woman who lived on earth and although little is mentioned about her, she is known as the “Mother of all the Living.” God’s purpose for creation could not have been fulfilled without Eve’s participation and disobedience. Eve’s life teaches us that the choices we make may have serious consequences and we have to be willing to take responsibility for our actions.

The story of Rachael is an example of the triumph of love over lies and deception. In spite of her father’s deception, She loved Jacob deeply and stood by him during the most challenging time of his life.

The story of Hagar clearly shows that there is nothing impossible with God. She was the servant Sarah offered to her husband, Abraham, when she realized that she was unable to have children. Hagar’s pregnancy sparked jealousy from Sarah who eventually threw her out of the their home. An angel found her in the desert and pronounced a blessing on her child, Ishmael. She returned to Abraham’s house and soon after Sarah bore Abraham a son. Sarah again threw her and Ishmael out of the house. They returned to the desert but this time God heard her cry and prospered them. Hagar’s offspring helped to produce the great nation God had promised Abraham.

Deborah was a wise Prophet, a powerful leader and a judge in Israel. Although she wore many hats, she made a difference by living according to God’s divine will. She was leading Israel during a challenging period of uncertainty but her strong faith in God and her obedience to His word allowed her to receive messages from Him that resulted in victory.

Elizabeth’s inability to have a child was considered a disgrace. Her husband, Zechariah was old and she had past child-bearing years. Her great faith in God resulted in her womb being blessed with a son who later became the great John the Baptist. He foretold the coming of Jesus Christ.

Esther was a remarkable woman who was willing to risk her own life to save her people. She was an outstanding, principled woman who willingly served others under stressful conditions. Many women are inspired by her industrious qualities.

Ruth was a widow from a country that was considered enemy to the Israelites. Ruth’s captivating story inspires other women to be strong in the face of adversity. In spite of losing her husband, and having to live with her widowed mother-in-law, she remained a strong woman. She did not allow her past to define her future. She maintained strong faith in God She believed that God had a purpose for her life and He would provide for her as well as Naomi. Her resilient character is an inspiration to other women.

Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene was a Jewish woman who traveled with Jesus as one of His followers. She was a witness to His crucifixion, burial, and resurrection.

Mary, Mother of Jesus
Mary, the mother of Jesus, is popularly known as the Virgin Mary. She was a modest, obedient Christian woman who was chosen to be the mother of Jesus Christ.