Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day -By Gertrude Flynn-White 5/10/2020

Today, we acknowledge the significant role our mothers play in our lives. Many times they put their lives on hold and neglect their health and wellbeing in order to cater to the needs of their family.

Motherhood is a commited service with no guaranteed payback so mothers deserve to be recognized and celebrated. Some are not biological mothers but they have nurtured and supported you on your journey.

Today, you have an opportunity to acknowledge your mother-in-law whose tender love and care shaped the life of the man you married.

Some are acustomed to taking Mom out to dinner, or to give her a day off from the kitchen. Whatever way you choose to do it, the purpose is to show her your love and appreciation.

This Mother’s Day, we do things differently because of social distancing and the fear of the Coronavirus.

The good thing is, “Mom understands”.

You may not be able to hug your Mom and tell her how much you love her but if you were scattering the roses along the way, this present situation cannot stop you from finding creative ways to show gratitude.My Mom transitioned many years ago but her memories live on.
So Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers.