6 Ways to Improve Your Personal Brand.

6 Ways to Improve Your Personal Brand By Gertrude Flynn-White

Hello everyone. I hope you are all trying to be safe as you start the process of returning to the workplace.

I have not posted for a while because I started my YouTube channel recently and apart from creating my videos, I have to be teaching myself along the way. I am encouraged to continue by the progress I have made so far.

Looking back at my first video, I can see much improvement. It was like a mountain at first but I am getting used to it now. I am still very far from my target of getting at least 1000 subscribers but every journey begins with one step. I hope one day I will accomplish that goal. So, I just thought that I could share my videos with you on this platform.

Personal Branding is how we define ourselves in the space we occupy and the impact our work has on others. Whether we work in an organization, a company, or we are self-employed entrepreneurs, our goal is to be successful. To be successful, we need to develop a unique professional identity and create a logical message that will set us apart from others.

As we move from here to there on our journey, it is important that we engage in frequent self-evaluation as this plays a major role in personal branding. This video I share six things that we can do to create or improve our personal brand. If you enjoy this video, I invite you to click the like, share, and subscribe tabs below the video.