My Valley Experience

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It is said that “Time is the master of all things, the king of all men, the wisest of all counselors and it heals all wounds.” The Bible declares, “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven…A time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to grieve and a time to dance…..’ Eccl. 3:1-8 (NLT.) It also reminds us, “Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5 (NIV)
I have been through so much but God’s mercy kept me. Life has knocked me down so many times. I have experienced grief, heartache, death of significant people in my life, sadness and failures I never dreamed of but God’s mercy kept me. His grace has kept me through all the negative overwhelming circumstances I thought would swallow me. The crazy thing about all this negativity is that time heals and there is so much positivity that surrounds us when we trust God in the valley. When we look through the positive lens and believe that He is still in control, when we activate our faith in Him and praise Him even in adversity, He will restore the years that the cankerworm, the palmerworm and the caterpillar have eaten.
It is not easy to be positive when we are going through struggles. It is not easy to praise or worship God in adversity because we sometimes think that God should have prevented it. Count it as a test of our faith in God. He has a much better plan than our plan and He works according to His timing. Sometimes He changes our direction and it can be painful but He will not leave us comfortless.
No matter what you are going through today. It may be loss of a child, loss of a spouse, sickness, work pressure, you name it, I have been there but my strong faith in God’s deliverance and restoration helped me to rise above the circumstances that were meant to destroy me. He will do the same for you too if you only believe in Him. Praise Him for what He has already done and Thank Him for what He is about to do in your life. Remember, no matter what the challenges are, be strong, be positive, do not fear for God is with you. Trust God because if He brings you to it, He will lead you through it. God bless you.

Following is an official review of “My Valley Experience -Beating the Odds” by Gertrude Flynn-White.]

Book Cover

4 out of 4 stars

My Valley Experience -Beating the Odds by Gertrude Flynn-White narrates the author’s journey as she battles her way through life’s difficult adversities and life-changing choices. She recalls her past, growing up from a poor but independent family. At a young age, she learns the value of education and how to balance school, leisure and church. Excelling in class, her father moves her to another school and although separated from her parents, Flynn-White’s spiritual relationship with God remains intact even as she goes through her academic studies. She grows up to become a modest and productive woman who is rich in values, principled and strong believer of God. How she utilizes these tools as goes thru stages in her life: youth, love, marriage, parenthood and career will be the focus of this book. Will tribulations defeat her and get her to succumb to her weaknesses and finally give up?

There were so many things to appreciate about this novel. The book was noteworthy of valuable lessons in life. I did not feel Flynn-White was imposing her beliefs on me as I read, and felt no demands to follow her advices. There were many sayings by different authors that made me appreciate the beauty of life and living even more. A prayer at the end of each chapter was related to the topic discussed and many bible verses were sprinkled throughout the book. Unsurprisingly, I did not encounter even a single profanity in this book.

Flynn-White used simple words instead of the flowery and deeper ones some writers use to impress readers and this worked to her advantage because the reading was light and easy. She imparted the value of paying it forward by serving her community and God. When she said one should not let being poor define one’s destiny was very impactful.

There were shocking and chilling moments that the author experienced as a mother and if I were I to suffer the same fate, I would have given up. Only a person with an immense and indomitable will can withstand such painful challenges. I admired, and at the same time envied her unshakeable faith in God. Despite all the difficult and at times life-threatening accidents, she was steadfast with her complete trust. She was absolutely sure she would be saved every time an adversity came her way.

Hope, acceptance, forgiveness, value of education, making choices, and making mistake and learning from them were just some of the positive things Flynn-White discussed in My Valley Experience -Beating the Odds. I would find myself nodding in agreement as she pointed out realizations that I already know and yet taken for granted in the past.

On the downside, the author should have provided translations of acronyms like KJV and NIV because these will not quite be understood by those who do not read the bible. She mentioned she worked as a teacher even without reaching tertiary level but she did not specify the education level of her students.

There were minimal grammatical errors as I read the book: a missing article, an incorrect placement of the article “the,” and an incorrect placement of a punctuation mark.

I give this book 4 out of 4 stars. The positivity of her message was clearly reached out to me, and the very minimal and insignificant grammatical errors did not spoil my reading.

To all people who believe in God and Jesus, you will love My Valley Experience -Beating the Odds by Gertrude Flynn-White. On the other hand, non-believers of God, Jesus, and the bible will be unable to connect or relate to the novel

15 thoughts on “My Valley Experience

  1. I enjoyed reading your inspirational book. For me it’s like the author is having a regular conversation with the reader and that made it an easy read. Hopefully we will see a follow up

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  2. Enjoyed reading this inspirational book. It was an easy read because writes like she is talking to you in a regular conversation. Hope to see a follow up! Soon.

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  3. This is a must read if you are facing difficulties or in need of spiritual help. The author constructed a spiritual bridge drawing from her personal life experiences and vast knowledge of scripture verses. One of the most inspirational books I’ve ever read.

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  4. I am impressed with the way God has inspired you to tell your story. It has inspired me and I hope that as others read, they will be encouraged to put their trust in God when faced with adversity. I recommend this book to anyone who is experiencing challenges in life.

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  5. Congratulations on the completion of this book and being obedience to the will of God. This book is inspirational, sorrowful, yet inspiring. It shows your strength and your faith in God. may this book be the first of more books to come. once I started reading it I could not stop. I can’t wait for the next one.


  6. “My Valley Experience” provides inspirational reading. It aptly reminds us that our Spiritual Connection is very important. “Behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining”.


  7. This story inspired me to trust God and believe in myself. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put the book down until I finished reading. Great read.


  8. This is an inspiring read of the true life story of the author, Gertrude Flynn-White. A very impressive recall of her early life experiences – both positive and negative events which impacted her journey. It is an excellent read as she was able to impart how the God she serves positivey impacted every challenging situation she encountered and helped her overcome all adversity. Without fear or contradiction, she expounded the many blessings God bestowed on her because of her faithfulness in serving Him. Her story shows how she dedicated her life to God to fulfill God’s purpose. The prayers at the end of the chapters were powerful and I will refer to these for my similar life experiences. Congratulations on this inspiring story and I wish her every success with this book.


  9. “My Valley Experience” provides inspirational reading. It aptly reminds us that our Spiritual Connection is very important. “Behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining.”


  10. The book is an apt example of the triumph and peace one will experience when life is lived in the ‘hallelujah anyhow’ mode. When one applies the 23rd Psalm . . . ‘yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil . . .’ approach to life experiences. Gertude’s book, ‘My Valley Experience,’ recounts the curves and turns of her life in a calm, resolute, inspiring way to encourage and show readers that indeed, ‘tribulations worketh patience, and patience, experience; and experience, hope; . . .’
    To be sure footed and praising God after such life crushing ordeals (as Gertude demonstrates), is to have a Savior, a Redeemer . . . . a hope, a confidence that surpasses mortals . .. a real connection to the God of all comfort. Read and be encouraged to let go and let God have complete control of your life . . . He keeps the key.


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