Our Mission

We are on a mission to inspire and empower persons who have experienced setback, disappointment, loss, grief or other forms of adversity. Life is a journey paved with success, opportunities and adventure but it also has pitfalls. Our personal aura is composed of positive and negative energy fields and each can impact our expression, attitude or conversation. Sometimes our circumstances change for the worse causing confusion, anxiety or depression. This valley experience will only be temporary if we activate our faith in God and trust Him for complete healing, breakthrough, deliverance and restoration.

Gertrude Flynn is the founder and CEO of “My Valley Experience”, a motivational speaker and a child of God. She is also the author of the inspiring and interesting book entitled, “My Valley Experience -Beating the Odds.” She uses her Job-like experience of a life of success and happiness, mixed with grief and depression, and her strong faith in God which helped her triumph over adversity, to inspire and empower others to rise above their negative circumstances. Her creativity and her passion for service to others, propelled her to establish a community where people can redefine their goals and walk into their God-given purpose. #beinspired#beatingtheodds#myvalleyxperience